PMRS Delegation to Peoples Health Movement Conference in South Africa

delegation from the Palestinian Medical Relief Society participated in the People’s Health Movement conference that was held in Cape Town South Africa from July 6-12 with over 1,200 participants from 45 countries. 
The PMRS  delegation was Dr. Mohammad Aboushi, Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, Dr. Aed Yaghi in which they conducted several lectures in the conference discussing PMRS’ role of providing primary health care services while under occupation. They also discussed the deteriorating health situation in Gaza as a result of the blockade and siege and the obstacles those who are disabled face. The delegation also mentioned the Palestinian youth role in popular resistance and their attempt in ending the political division.
An exhibition was also organized by the Palestinian delegation in which pictures and homemade products were displayed.
Dr. Yaghi, Director of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society in the Gaza Strip gave a lecture regarding the Palestinian situation and the impact of the international solidarity campaigns that have been launched in order to advocate Palestinian rights and freedom. Dr. Yaghi also expressed appreciation to the Trade Unions of South Africa in their decision to participate in the boycott , divestment and sanctions of Israeli products.
Dr. Yaghi reiterated to participants that the "Health quality for all now" conference could not be organized in the occupied Palestinian territories due to Israeli occupation and its restrictions. He stated that participants should be involved in Palestinian solidarity campaigns in order to end apartheid, bring down the Separation wall in the West Bank, and to lift the siege on Gaza.
The Palestinian delegation participated in the march in which Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, Director of PMRS in Nablus submitted a note to the representative of the Parliament of South Africa, which demanded to ensure the right of access to health services in all countries of the world, especially in the Palestinian territories

This reaffirmed PMRS’ role as it is active in the conduction of  several meetings and lectures focusing on health, advocating for Palestinian rights on an international level, and calling for international solidarity. Dr. Ghassan Hamdan  and Dr. Amal Dawoud were appointed as representatives from the Arab region in which they will follow up after conference. 

Dr. Aed  Yaghi  - Speech on behalf of Palestinian & Arabic delegation at PHA3 in Cape Town -South Africa


Palestinian Delegation , with Head of the Assembly wearing the Palestinian Hata -  PHM3 Cape Town


Palestinian Delegation during  demonstration


Dr.Mohammed  Aboshi during the presentation


 interview with Dr. Ghassan Hamdan

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