• Community Based Rehab
    The community based rehabilitation (CBR) program in UPMRC was established in the mid 1980s, mainly relying on the PHC set of services offered by UPMRC in the different regions. 
  • Children's Health
    Children are entitled to the highest attainable standard of health. PMRS believes that in order to reach this standard, health must be viewed in a holistic, comprehensive manner, which includes all facets of child well-being.  
  • Central Pharmacy
    The program consists of two basic components: the central pharmacy and rational use of drugs (RUD) 
  • Health Education
    The main objective of Palestine Medical Relief’s Health Education Program, is to promote health awareness within Palestinian society. Information is provided on how to prevent disease and illness from occurring, as well as how to treat it. 
  • Psychosocial and Counselling
    Our vision and sublime target, which we aspire to achieve in psychosocial program in PMRS, is the highest level of psychosocial for all Palestinians in order to feel a kind of relaxation, satisfaction towards him/herself and believe in his/her abilities to understand life’s disappointments, which she faces.  
  • Women's Health
    The Women’s Health Program (WHP), built on grassroots initiatives and established by the UPMRC in 1987, has since grown to reach Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It functions in 25 localities, covering a population area of 365,872. 
  • Youth Program
    Children and youth have been in special focus of PMRS services, as well as in the building of the model of quality physical, mental and social health and in raising public awareness. 
  • Mobile Clinic
    The Emergency Response Program was largely born out of a need to take action to serve unarmed Palestinians who were victims of the violent actions by Israeli military and police though community based training in first aid. This training program resulted in 180,000 citizens trained in first aid just four years later, in 2000.


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